Writing A Lot of Blog Content . . . Fast

by Trish

So how do you write a lot of blog content quickly?

You don’t. You outline a lot of blog content quickly. This helps you to write faster overall, but doesn’t generally allow you to skip the writing stage.

But before you despair, read on:

1. Start with a title. Always, always, always start with a title. In my previous post, I talked about creating a blog editorial calendar, so from that you should have already articulated your blog theme for the month (or week or day or however you decide to set it up) and from that theme you brainstorm lots of titles. If you’re stuck, Chris Brogan has a new blog title and writing instructional paid newsletter that launched last week that you might find helpful (not an affiliate link).

2. Outline three main points for each title. The standard three-point outline is the best way to make sure that you don’t cram too much into one blog post. Three main points is pretty much what readers can handle (and nothing longer than about 550 words), so this is an easy way to really find out what you want to say in each blog post.

3. Find images that correspond to the title and outline. One thing I’ve always believed is that images can help transmit a message when you really want it transmitted. Sure the words are the thing, but I always enjoy a good picture. Consider adding stock images to your blog posts (or you can use images from Flickr and link back to the photographer’s Flickr account.)

Even if you do this five times (title, outline, images), you’re well on your way to writing a lot of blog content . . . fast.

Anyone have any comments or questions?


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