What Are You Offering to Your Clients/Customers That’s Free?

by Trish

I’ve talked about offering your clients/customers something of value that you use to introduce yourself, to ease them into doing business with you, that lends your company something of a expert status or as the specialist in your niche. I don’t mean magnets or free candy either. I’m talking about information (which as a business owner you have a lot of to share) that customers are looking for. Answers to their questions, which as a result lead them to view your company’s services/products as the solution to their pain. Remember we talked about pain in this post? You can click back to review if you want to.

One of the easiest information pieces you can create is a free PDF report (sometimes called a white paper, especially if it’s especially technical or full of factoids, and thus more formal) and a PDF report doesn’t have to be that formal. It can simply be a topic that you often hear clients asking you about that you think you can answer, WHICH (very important which here) you can then use to present your company as the solution to their larger issue.

How to put together a free report?

1. Decide on the information you’re going to present. Either use a survey with Constant Contact (reviewed in this post) or from some sort of feedback you’ve received from your most trusted customers. This let’s you know quickly what people are looking for, what they are seeking when they are looking at your company (and perhaps other companies like yours).

2. Think about format. Word docs can be locked sure, but a PDF just looks good. Plus it can be downloaded and forwarded and no matter what OS your clients are using, they will be able to view it and print it and even forward it on.

3. Keep it simple. Write short, don’t use a lengthy introduction, get right to the point. Use bold headings, numbered or bulleted lists (like I use a lot on this blog) and think about structure. Use an easy three-paragraph structure if you want to keep it to one page (with a nice resource block at the end talking about how your company’s product/service can help them with this if they’re interested; you know what I mean, the marketing piece), otherwise, think carefully about attention spans if you decide to go over one page.

And that’s it. To prove my point, I’m going to keep my info to a three-paragraph structure. And now for my marketing minute.

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