Weekend Warrior: Learn Product Development

by Trish

How? Where to start?

Your local library. Especially if it’s good and near a large city. Many of the product development books are geared toward software or tech subjects, however, Michael Port offers an exceptional course on infoproduct development. I took part in it this spring and learned a ton. Check out Booked Solid Info Products.

What about crafts? There are many books out there. Three I have with me are Craft, Inc. and Mommy Millionaire and The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing. (Manufacturing does not mean sweat shops; it means you’re producing many copies of the same item, not custom producing for one customer.)

Any other great books or resources out there on product development that I haven’t touched on or that you’ve found particularly useful? Speak up! There’s no way I have covered it all.


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