Twitter Wednesday: Mix Up Your Twitter Feed

by Trish

Yesterday I announced the launch of a new Twitter account. It’s for my business, real/brilliant, inc. (you can follow my new Twitter here) and will be differentiated from my usual Twitter feed: @trishlawrence. Thanks to everyone who’s already signed up to follow me (all three of you!). No seriously, I appreciate it very much.

Today we need to talk about your Twittering activities. And I’m talking to me too, trust me. I need this refresher just as much as anyone. I get busy, get distracted, don’t follow-up just like the rest of you.

How to mix up your Twitter feed?

1. Jump into conversations. This is easier said than done, but you just need to go looking, really. Who’s talking about something you are interested in or can add something to? There are so many people talking about Sarah Palin this week, for instance. What do you think about her? Jump in. How about the new Twilight movie? Speak up. How about someone asking about the best blog platform? What do you use. That’s all this means.

2. Broadcast what you’re up to. This means you announce to your Twitter followers about a new blog post you’ve written or a book signing or speaking event you’re going to appear at. (Hey, if you’re on tv, all the more of a reason to announce it!).

Experts (not me, but Joel Comm, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan) all agree that to have a successful (mix it up) Twitter feed, you just need to follow these two guidelines. A quick rule of thumb: print out these two points and stick them to your computer screen. Then take five minutes (yes, just five minutes!) a day and jump into conversations or broadcast what you’re up to. Each week add another five minutes (or whatever you decide you can manage) throughout the day and watch the results.

The best result is that you’re interacting with folks who you can help and who can help you. Whether these are customers or colleagues or experts, this is the best way to find out the power of Twitter. Trust me, and go to it!


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