Twitter Tuesday: The Joy of Meeting New People

by Trish

For me, Twitter is one giant party. It’s like Comic-Con, SXSW, and Media Bistro meetups all rolled into one. Sure, those individual events are worth the time and effort, but for the other 350 days of the year, we’ve got Twitter.

There’s a lot of tools out there to organize and separate out the many groups on your Twitter feed. That’s great. I think in days to come those tools will become more and more nuanced and fine-tuned. Twitter will not die, it will be streamlined.

But for me, each day is like meeting new and interesting people that I would never have met in real life or at conferences. I was at a writing conference over the weekend and most of the names on the program I recognized. We’re friends on Twitter already! There they were in real life. It made me feel like the world isn’t that big after all. It’s not like head-shrinking, it’s more like planet-shrinking.

1. Be interested in meeting new people. You don’t have to actually keep up with them for long, but a quick conversation in passing is really cool.

2. Don’t be quick to ignore folks who feel like pests at first. These folks may be new to Twitter, not sure exactly how things work. Give them plenty of rope, lots of leeway, and remember you were new to this social media thing not too long ago.

3. Don’t try to do everything, but make an effort to interact a bit with every medium that Twitter offers, either through DMs, replies, or Tweets. I have to work to pay attention to my DMs, as I tend to ignore my inbox.

Above all, have fun, interact, and learn. We all have a lot to share. What a great tool!


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Stuart Foster ~ The Lost Jacket April 21, 2009 at 8:57 pm

I love #TweepleTuesday. But in some regards I’ve reached a saturation point in terms of seeking out new people to follow. I’ve targeted most of the people I’ve considered to be interesting and am now engaged with adding anyone that adds me (which is typically 20-60 followers a day). Do you think you will reach a saturation point?

admin April 22, 2009 at 8:29 am

Hi, Stuart, I think I’m with you on saturation. But I know a lot of Twitter folk who are following me each day are newer users, thus the majority who check out this blog are still building their lists.

That said, I’m working on some topics coming up that deal with this “saturation” issue (for Twitter users like you and me), so stay tuned. I have a few ideas. I think it’s the next blogging frontier “managing a Twitter list effectively.”

I have some posts coming up for that deal with this as well.

Great question and I think you’re right to begin targeting (hate that word; need to find another one) your interactions at this point.

Have a great day!

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