Twitter Tuesday: The Following/Follower Dilemma

by Trish

I’ve written before about me trying to figure out how many followers to add to my Twitter list. I think I’ve found a solution to it. I’ll be implementing these ideas in the next few weeks.

1. Identify my niche experts. What is my niche on Twitter? That’s been the main question. Do I go with my writing, my blogging for hire, my editorial work? I’m going to pick a niche and do it. I’m also going to renege on my advice from last spring and use more than one Twitter feed. @trishlawrence is for me, my writing, my personal brand. @realbrilliant is my business brand. Once I differentiate between those, I will pick my niche and start finding the experts.

2. Be authentic and social. I then need to get to know each of those experts. I do this by being me and by providing interesting content and information. (As I hope they will do for me as well!)

3. I will give back more than I take. I learned this from Joel Comm and it works. (I know Joel and he’s the real deal.) It’s all about helping others find solutions. It’s about making them successful.

And that’s how I plan to solve my following/follower dilemma. What do you think? Any other ideas?

Oh yeah, follow my new Twitter here.


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