Twitter Tuesday: How Twitter Is Worse Than Email

by Trish

Authors of books such as the 4-Hour Work Week and Never Check Email in the Morning may have to rewrite their books and quickly. Twitter is going to usurp the email problem this year and next. We thought we had problems with email volume, what about Twitter volume?

I’m following and being followed by around 6,000 people now. There is no way I can keep up with everyone and the more followers, I get, the more I despair at how to meaningfully cultivate networking relationships with any one of them. I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve been figuring out how best to approach it. There are two choices:

1. Cut my following/follower list back to what I can reasonably handle.
2. Leave my numbers alone and develop strategies for Twitter; I can’t control the numbers, but I can control my own processes.

I’m leaning toward the latter. It may take me a few months (as it did to cultivate job leads or networking responsibilities this spring) but I think by late fall, I could come up with a reasonable process and paradigm for dealing with a large Twitter following in a manner that allows me to cultivate job leads and networking prospects, but doesn’t require me to cut people off. (Sure, I cut people off when they are X-rated or spamming me, but otherwise I’ve been letting everyone in.) I don’t want to go that direction.

So stay tuned. How are you dealing with your Twitter issues? Are you trimming your list or are you finding good processes to utilize your list? Speak up! I really want to know!


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Alexis Grant July 21, 2009 at 1:57 pm

I feel ya. I don’t follow everyone who follows me — I only follow people who legitimately interest me — and I still can’t keep up. In fact, I don’t even try. There’s no way I could read everyone’s feed.

For a while I was looking into TweetDeck and other apps that allow the user to group people you follow so you don’t miss certain people’s tweets, but I didn’t really like the apps as much as I like plain old Twitter. So now I figure, heck, I’ll answer DMs, @replies, and everything else, if I miss it, I miss it.

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