Twitter Tuesday: Finding Jobs on Twitter

by Trish

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So, how does one find jobs on Twitter?

Well, a few ideas:

1. Do you include your expertise in a lot of your tweets?
Say you’re a photographer, do you use terms like photographer, photography, studio, photos in your tweets? That’s one approach.

2. Are you registered in any Twitter directories as a photographer?
That’s another strategy.

3. What does your Twitter page look like? Does it have examples of your photography, a link to your web site, an email or direct phone contact? A paragraph asking for clients?

4. Try using the Twitter Job Finder. It looks pretty good, I think. Lots of great job ops.

Combining all of these approaches will enhance their effectiveness. And above all, being approachable is more than half the battle. I’ve spoken about authenticity on this blog more than once. If you’re not sure what that has to do with marketing and branding (especially in social media), you may need to get yourself a copy of my upcoming ebook on authenticity (stay tuned).


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