Twitter Thursday: Utilizing TweetBeep

by Trish

(hint: businesses and brand builders, pay attention)

Twitter can be used for you to communicate with your followers. Did you know it can also be a chance for you to find out what your followers (or anyone else for that matter) are saying about you

Enter TweetBeep. It’s like a Google Alert for your Twitter (and it is effective).

Want to know if people are discussing you? Enter your name, your business name, your product name, your book title, industry key words, your television program, your podcast title, your favorite iPhone app, anything, and you will get notices when folks on Twitter are mentioning those things on an hourly or daily basis. How easy is that?

This is a great way for businesses and brand builders (also platform builders; writers, I’m talking to you!) to keep their ear low to the ground and find out what the buzz is about them. If there is no buzz, get out there and create some! And then use TweetBeep to listen to it.

I just plugged in a few current projects and my goal is to really build some buzz in the next six months. Sure, there’s a trickle of buzz, but I want a whole lot more! Don’t you?


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