Twitter Monday: Use Twitter for Experts 24/7

by Trish

Did ya know that you don’t have to always be giving out quality information on Twitter?

Yes, it appears that I am now reneging on all my advice about this powerful social media tool thus far.

Really, I’m not.

I’m just pointing out an obvious use for it that could come in handy for someone. You see, we’re starting our Twitter week event off with a small bang. A small tip, but quite obvious, that I forget to use on a regular basis. (Why I will always ask Google when I have an army of the smartest people on the planet just a few Tweets away? Yes, I’m blonde.)

You can ASK for quality information on Twitter.

Yes. Really. And it works. Want to know the best contact management database program out there? The best Twitter app? The fastest way to get into the city from your suburb? Ask and it shall be given.

Now, go try it. What is one question you have today that you WERE going to go type into Google, but you could ask your Twitter followers instead?


And check back here tomorrow for another great Twitter tip.


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