Twitter Friday: Your 30-Day Plan For Twitter

by Trish

You can’t do it all in one day. You need a plan. Take the next 30 days to really build a presence on Twitter, doing ONE thing each day.

1. Start small. First day, sign up. Second day, customize your Twitter settings. Third day, create a custom Twitter background. You get the drill.

2. Think about every aspect and brainstorm how to use your authenticity to build a brand. Do you need to research the experts already in your niche? Do it. Do you need to build a list of power Twitter users that you can reach out to that you know will retweet your messages? Do it.

3. Take time to have fun and be yourself.
If you’re building a personal brand, by all means, update with something random that tells followers about you. If you’re building a professional brand (a business brand), then you should be tracking things that your followers would be looking for about that business (how the new industry stats affect Q4 sales, etc.).

And that wraps up our Twitter week. We’ll be back soon with another Twitter week, but look here, here, here, and here for great tips on how to really ramp up your Twitter now.

Off you go!


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