Time To Slow It Down for the Holidays

by Trish

No reason to keep pushing as we near the holidays. Seriously. What’s the point? These days should be used to hunker down, to plan for 2010, to think about next year, to rest, to spend time with family and friends, to enjoy the results of your hard work in 2009, to really soak up the spirit of the season.

Some ideas:

1. Sit down, ignore the Internet, and read an empowering book.
Read something that blows your mind, like Seth Godin’s new free ebook. Download it here (Michael Hyatt is one of the writers featured in the ebook).

2. Watch a good movie.
Amazing how letting your brain rest actually inspires it. I like anything Christmas-related, but even something silly, like The Hangover, I hear, works.

3. Talk it up. Meet a colleague or fellow entrepreneur for coffee. Amazing how talking about your ideas for 2010 can flower into something amazing. I’ve been doing this lately (I’ve got one scheduled for this week too!) and it really kick starts my planning ability. It gets me excited about the new possibilities for the next year.


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Krista December 15, 2009 at 10:52 am

So good, Trish! 🙂 I needed this little pep talk today. 🙂

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