Thinking Like Your Customer

by Trish

(via Flickr)

It’s so hard to really do this. Life happens, we get sidetracked by vacuuming, bills, worrying about how to pay those bills or how to fit in the vacuuming and we lose track of our customers’ needs.

And our customers’ needs are the number one thing we should be worrying about. Especially when we’re using social media to reach them.

This time of year around most of the United States, there are piles of leaves. Piles and piles of them. True, this could represent your customer (or their needs), but for now, give me one leaf, one customer.

Got that customer in mind?

What one thing can you do for them today (via paid product that you sell or that someone else sells or free item that you give away or that someone else gives away) that would make their business—their life—better?

Why aren’t you doing it?

Just one thing—one customer—one leaf. Start there.


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