The Twitter Clutter: How to Fix It

by Trish

I’ve got Twitter clutter. Do you?

It’s my own fault. I started an account (@trishlawrence) a few years ago and let it grow. And it grew and grew and is now completely unmanageable and out of control. But it does what I want.

A few weeks ago I was in despair at my Twitter. I started a new Twitter account a few months ago (@realbrilliant) and two accounts were killing me. Plus I felt like a failure. I wrote a very well-read blog post on Twitip about how one should NOT ever use two Twitter accounts.

Perhaps this post can clear all this up once and for all.

One Twitter account is the best option UNLESS:

  • You’re like me and doing more than one thing online and need to keep those things separate.
  • You’re not like me and figured out a long time ago that to sell multiple services or products may require you to get multiple accounts.
  • You just enjoy having as many Twitter accounts as possible (that’s fine; I’m not saying one word about it).

And as I shamed myself inwardly and felt like a fool, I realized something. My original Twitter feed is doing exactly what I want it to do. @trishlawrence is for my author self. I don’t want it to sell anything but me as an author. I can post anything I’m working on to that account and I have people coming to my blog to check it out. It works!

Question for you: If your Twitter is cluttered, what are you using it for?

My second Twitter is for a very different purpose. @realbrilliant is for my social media strategy business for small businesses and authors. The folks on that list are only there because they have something remotely related to that topic. Are you following @realbrilliant and an author? Are you looking for tips on social media to build your tribe? That’s what it’s for.

Question for you: Are your Twitter followers/followees your target market or tangentially related to your target market? Why not?

And so my Twitter clutter has cleared, but not really. Twitter is not this static social media tool that just sits there waiting for you to wake up. I now take an hour a week to research Twitter strategies for both my feeds and to implement new ideas I find (both for myself as an author and for my author and small-biz clients).

Question for you: How much time do you spend each week researching your niche on Twitter?

Up next will be “The Big Decision on Facebook: To Fan Page or Profile?” Stay tuned!


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