The Social Good

by Trish

Reading a pile of books about what has been weighing a lot on me lately. The idea of using social media and entrepreneurship and even promotional activities for writers for the social good.

I’m not the first one here, but I’m applying what I know about all of the above subjects to this model of using them for social good and what do I see?

Opportunity. Lots of opportunity.

So much opportunity that I sometimes feel my little writer/marketer/entrepreneur brain is going to skyrocket off my head. I quickly get overwhelmed with all the ideas, buried under the countless things in order to see any one of those projects through. And then I surf the Internet and see others working with me, with the same fervor, applying their knowledge of business and social media to the most pressing needs of our world society.

I like this mash up.

Much like two very different songs that are jammed together every Tuesday night on Fox’s Glee, the idea of business and helping others is often pointed out to be far apart and pursuing disparate agendas by the MSM (mainstream media). I still believe in the power of small business. And yet I also believe in the power of small (and large) business to change the world for the better.

We don’t have to subject employees to unfair work conditions. We don’t have to wear diamonds that are harvested by starving Africans. We don’t have to do that anymore. There is another way.

There has always been another way. A lot of businesses I know have been doing it for decades. But now, it’s becoming a responsibility, not just an add-on. More and more businesses and entrepreneurs are creating companies that turn from the inside out, wide open to the possibility of helping others and empowering those less fortunate.

Not everyone can start a business, but everyone can be a part. Reward companies and entrepreneurs who are giving back. Reward writers who write for social change.

That last one is particularly close to my heart as I have been studying this and noticing the movements (started by writers) against censorship, against teen bullying, against intolerance.

There is more to be done. I’ll be sharing what I think writers can do particularly, both on the blog and in my eZine, so if you’re not signed  up for it, go ahead and do that now.

In the meantime, happy December! May your holidays and time with loved ones (and with new friends) be merry and bright!


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