The Problem With Most Business Blogs

by Trish


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I’ll repeat: the problem with most business blogs is that the content is often not that interesting to the audience and is primarily marketing, marketing, marketing.

How to fix?

You can hire a very expensive pr and research team to figure out what your audience wants you to write about and how often you should market to them.

Or, you can use a few steps on your own.

But remember to test. Keep an eye on your Google analytics and your comments and only change ONE thing at a time.


1. What are the top three questions you receive from clients/customers on a regular basis?

If you focus in on those three questions, you’ve got material for the next six months at the least. If you really think and focus on the three questions, turning them over and looking at them from every possible angle, you’ve got material for years! Dig deep. Talk microlevel. Don’t just dump the answers to those three questions and call it good. That ain’t good!

2. Who are your top five comment-makers?

Contact them and ask them the questions you were going to pay the pr and research firm to ask for you. Questions like: What do you want to read about on our blog? What do you find is the ONE thing keeping you from success in <insert your company’s expertise here>? If you could improve your blog reading experience while visiting our site, what would you tell us?

3. What are your top five competitors doing on their sites and blogs?

Take a look around the neighborhood online. See where your content brushes up or perhaps overlaps with your competitors’. Find your boundary and sit right there. If you find that to differentiate yourself from your closest competition means you have to blog a certain way or about a certain aspect of your product or expertise, you better do it.

And there’s more where that came from, but we’ll stop there.

Any other comments or ideas about business blogging? Talk to me.


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