Take Me Home, Old Country Roads

by Trish

(photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

Well, not exactly home, but Austin, Texas at least!

I received a happy notice a few weeks ago that my panel, “The Care and Feeding of Blogs and Book Contracts,” was accepted as part of the South By Southwest Interactive 2011 lineup. SXSW Interactive 2011 runs March 11 through March 15 in downtown Austin, Texas.

Now, I swore I would not set foot in Texas after a disastrous experience trying to get OUT of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport a few years ago (yes, I’m blonde!), but this opportunity is too HUGE to pass up.

It’s one of my absolutely favorite subjects in the world to talk about: publishing and blogging. I am thrilled that I will be able to get the best experts for my panel and that we get an hour to talk shop, sharing the latest, greatest information to everyone in attendance. I’ve got bloggers who got book deals, I’ve got agents, publicists, even acquisition editors who will tell you how to do it. Not a bad deal and worth a trip via Southwest Airlines I say.

Plus, it’s a chance to see Austin, of which I’ve heard fantastic things and to hang out with some of the smartest social medi and tech people in the world. If you want to attend a conference this year, this one is it! Every other conference is a wannabe. They WISH they could be as cool as SXSW.

Not only is it Interactive, but there’s a Music track and a Film track. I think I’ll be staying in town for the Film track and I cannot wait. Five days of film lectures and viewings? Of top-rated independent films? I am so there.

So that’s my exciting Texas news. I even bought new Frye boots to take with me. I hope I blend in better this time!

Anyone planning on attending SXSW next year?


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