Should You Go On Hiatus?

by Trish

Say when the holidays are here and you’re busy with family and friends? Should you still blog? Should you just try to do it all?

It’s up to you. What would be the result if your blog wasn’t updated during Christmas week? Or if you took a break for New Year’s week? Would your clients wonder what had happened to you or would they understand?

A few ideas:

1. Post a picture blog. Just collect pictures from Flickr or elsewhere on the Web and post them that week.

2. Answer client questions.
A lot of business blogs are doing this throughout the entire month of December.

3. Get a few guest bloggers.
A business blog I know has asked a colleague to answer questions while she’s gone this entire week.

I’m deciding what my focus will be as I prepare to take an extended holiday trip over these next few weeks.

Stay tuned!


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