real/brilliant: Why Do We Make Writing So Difficult?

by Trish

Maybe because it is hard. Especially if you want to write something that is better than just throwing words on a page. If you take time to think through a piece of writing you soon realize that it needs more attention than you thought it would at first. It may seem disconcerting at first to actually have to spend more time thinking than writing, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Just this morning I got up early (it’s almost 90 degrees here in Seattle) in the cool of the day to think through a writing problem. Within twenty minutes I had my solution.

Writing is hard, but sometimes just a continued think (what I call a focused thinking of your writing project at all times) for a few days pays off within a quick twenty minutes.

1. Always have some aspect of your writing project to think about. Then go about your day, work, house cleaning, child care, errands, grocery shopping, even television. It will pop up when it’s ready, trust me.

2. If you lose track of your writing in the midst of a busy life, don’t fret. Just go find it again. Sit down for a few minutes and just stop. Recenter your thoughts on your writing goal. If this takes multiple tries, join the club. This is why some very talented authors aren’t as prolific as we’d like them to be.

Now, go write!


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