real/brilliant: Distractions While Writing

by Trish

Top five summer distractions for business owners who must write:

1. Sunshine. This definitely beckons me away from my writing and out of doors. Best way to take advantage of this is to sit outside in the sunshine and write (laptop or Neo or paper and pen). Get yourself another office outside on your back porch.

2. Barbecues. These go on daily during summer in our area. I could sit outside with a fresh coke while hot dogs, burgers, and steak cook on the grill nearby. I can let hours go by provided I have a good spot in the shade and potato chips to munch on.

3. Water (whether in pools or the beach or a meandering stream). Especially up in the mountains where the water runs clear and cool, under the shade of a million trees. Living in the Pacific Northwest, this is easily accomplished. I grew up in Oregon, near several mountain ranges, especially near a specific camp spot where we camped every year. Now, my husband and I enjoy the shadow of Mt. Rainier with its plethora of camping sites.

4. Graham crackers. For me anyway. I can’t resist anything on graham crackers. Cool whip, chocolate frosting, jam, or just plain and dipped in milk. I am on a graham cracker kick this month in July. Can’t resist, can’t stop.

5. Sunrise and sunset. Sure, these happen everyday, but wow are they glorious right now. Hard to resist just watching, let alone getting any writing done. The skies are the most distracting thing during summertime.

What are the most distracting things for you during summer? How do you keep writing in spite of it all?


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