Planning for 2010! Have You Started?

by Trish

Whatcha gonna do next year for your biz? How are you going to expand into new areas? How are you going to develop a new product? Are you going to hire anyone to help? Are you going to open a physical location for your business?

All this is fodder for your yearly forecasting session. Everyone I know spends time forecasting their next year in December. Yes, even in the midst of busy holiday planning and parties.

Here’s what you do:

1. Get a planning notebook or planning paper that you can refer back to throughout the next year.

2. Make a list of your big goals and keep those big goals doable. (This is what I do badly; I put too many big goals in a calendar year; set one for each month or every two months or every three months.)

3. Break down those big goals into action steps and backtrack your schedule. How many months of little action steps will it take to get to the big goal? Put it on your schedule.

4. Be prepared to flex next year. You won’t get to do it just like you plan it; prepare yourself to flex when other opportunities arise.

5. Have fun. Dream big!


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