Overwhelmed? Take a Twitter Break

by Trish

I’ve had to take a Twitter break. You’ve seen me Twittering posts, but generally I’m just staying quiet. Perhaps it is because I’m having enough issues with the writing. And sometimes the direction a person sets out on is not the direction they wish to continue.

I’m reconfiguring, yes.

In late 2009, I split my Twitter feed up into two, but that only served to discourage me further. Two Twitter feeds? Goodness. So I’ve just backed off from it all in recent months, thinking through what I want to attempt in 2010 and rereading a few key tomes about Twitter to make sure what my vision is really does the job I want it to.

1. Does it build community? If I put more time into it, will I actually see that community beginning to appear? I’m still thinking how to do that exactly.

2. Does it help me as well as others?

3. What is the ROI of Twitter? I’m trying very hard to not focus on ROI first off. That’s not the point of Twitter really, but it is a side effect. So I’m thinking about it.

And that’s where I am lately. What are you thinking about your Twitter feed?


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