Nuts and Bolts: How To Stay Sane In Business

by Trish

Running a biz in this economic downturn can be exhausting. Either you’re desperate for work, and thinking about throwing in the tail (no, no, no, don’t do that!) or you’re so booked with work, you dare not turn any down because what if this little downturn takes a few years to fade?

How do you refresh and recharge if you’re either dying for more work or dying from the work?

1. Do the easy stuff immediately. If you have papers to file, calls to make, and quick job that won’t take much brain power, just get it done and ASAP! This clears the way for your next step, which is to ascertain your situation (good or bad).

2. Take stock of what’s left or what you absolutely must get done in the next day or two.
Make a priority list. Now that you’re cluttery tasks are done, you can focus on making sure the jobs you do have, or the marketing you must do NOW can get done with the best of your ability.

3. With looming tasks ahead, be it a project or finding a project, you must divide it up into smaller doable tasks. Each day, you go down that list of smaller doable tasks and you conquer one or two. Every day! Forget that you have so much work, there’s no way to keep up. Forget that this is your last project. Forget that marketing scares you to death. Just break it down and then mark it as done.

4. Don’t think negative.
You’ve got to be positive. Positive people land jobs and projects. Positive people are successful at jobs and projects. Negativity ain’t gonna do it for ya. So throw that out right now.

5. Remember that a little bit of action goes a long way.
If you’re making small amounts of effort everyday, you are moving forward. You can relax, you can go to sleep at night knowing you’re accomplishing.

Now, get back to it. And print out this list and tack it above your computer screen. We’re all in this together! Please know that everyone is feeling the same pressure. You are not the only one.


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