Nuts and Bolts: How To Get a Customer to Yes

by Trish

Ever feel like all you do is answer questions, talk about your product, talk about your services, and you never really get anywhere?

Let’s see how much closer we can get you to Yes.

1. If you’re talking about your product, do you include how it solves a client/customer’s problem? Do you turn the product’s features in benefits? Does your client and customer know specifically how your product will either make their life easier or help them do something faster, or lengthen their life? And these are just surface issues, there’s a lot more complication if you dig a bit.

2. If you’re talking about your service, does your client and customer feel confident in your ability? Why or why not? If you promise something, do you deliver it? If you’re making claims you can’t keep, the customer won’t say yes. Why not meet them halfway and discuss some of the negative results that may happen. If you’re upfront with what you can do and and can’t do, your clients are going to trust you more.

3. If you’re always answering more and more questions, what about your sales pitch is missing? Are there specific questions you get often? Maybe you can answer those sooner, by providing information in print form, or by just including the information in a verbal pitch before the question comes up.

The key to Yes is a clear understanding of your client’s needs, a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and an even clearer understanding of the order in which all that information must be communicated in order for a sale.

I say it’s worth taking a look at your sales process often, for tweaks, major overhauls, and improvements.

Now, go get a Yes!


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