Nuts and Bolts: How to Create an eZine

by Trish

One of the easiest things to do with your business (or just your blog) is to create a monthly eZine. You can have people sign up and then each month you send out a custom newsletter (including some of your best blog posts plus new content) to them. It’s a great way to reach out and stay in touch with prospects and readers.

1. Find a topic. This can be your blog topic or something slightly related.

2. Keep it short. Less than 500 words is fine. I also include the word count on my eZine, along with an estimated time for reading, like 3 minutes.

3. Keep it plain text. No fancy formatting, no stationery, no headers. Just plain text that comes through in email as clear as you can make it.

4. Organize the eZine for ease of reading. Give them a table of contents and then make it easy for readers to scroll through quickly.

5. Limit the advertising. Folks are bombarded with sales messages. Just put your contact info on every single issue and leave it at that. Any more and folks will ignore your eZine.


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