Nuts and Bolts: Creating Compelling Content for the Blog

by Trish

It’s really easy to start a blog, right? Not so easy to keep up with a blog. The relentless need for a syndicated stream of content requires a blogger to actually think up and write more than just once in a blue moon (when they feel inspired).

To blog effectively, one has to write even when they DON’T feel inspired. How in the world is a blogger to do that?

1. Read a lot. If you’re not reading what’s happening in your niche or at the very least reading the news of the world, well, you’re not going to have much to say.

2. Develop theories. Everyone has opinions, but oftentimes we don’t develop those out into theories on how things should work. I have theories on a lot of different topics, BECAUSE I read so widely. I have a theory on how the Web will overtake print (it’s happening) and I have another theory on how folks can adapt from print to the Web easily. If those turn out to actually work, well, good for me, but the key is that I’m thinking and working on them all the time. I’m not just grabbing thoughts out of thin air.

3. Set a writing time. For me, I write better in the morning, not early in the morning, but mid-morning. I don’t write well in the middle of the night. Set up a time when you write best and write blogs then.

4. Plan out a writing calendar. A lot of blogs are rather simple. On one day, you do a Q&A with someone, another day is devoted to the latest news, and so on. Make sure you know what you’re doing days in advance. It helps you develop those theories I was talking about before.

5. Read other blogs. Often, I come away from another blog with an idea that I implement in my own business and then voila, I’ve got a blog post for myself. This happens a lot, so take care that you’re actually being original and not just copying someone else.


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