More On My Sponsors: Why I Love Them So

by Trish

I love my sponsors so much. This blog wouldn’t even exist without them.

GoDaddy sold me the domain name, provides the host, and while they have DREADFUL Super Bowl ads, the folks at GoDaddy rock. They bend over backward to help when I get stuck, answer the stupidest questions I have, and there are a few I even know by name and when I email, they call immediately asking, “What do you need? What’s going on?” Your mileage may vary, but my mileage is loving GoDaddy. So, of course I recommend them for domain name and hosting, because I use them and abuse them and they never seem to mind too much.

Starting Monday, if you purchase a hosting plan thru my GoDaddy affiliate link, I’ll give you a free WordPress install. That means you give me all your login info and password to your domain and I’ll install the basic WordPress blog on it. For free. Yep, just because I love Godaddy so much, and want you to get started blogging immediately. This offer good through February 28, 2010 at noon PDT. (Disclaimer: Your basic WP install will not get you a blog that looks like mine. See below.)

Aweber handles my email lists. I love Aweber so much that I actually signed up for two separate accounts and just realized it this month. Seriously, these guys rock my world. I just have to create the content and Aweber folks send it out safely with their double opt-in signups and their fantastic and fully designable email templates. Fantastic stuff. You can sign up for my brilliant/blogging eZine here or my Editas (for editorial clients) eZine here.

In fact, starting Monday, if you use my Aweber affiliate link to sign up for an annual account (one payment), I’ll send you the templates I use for my emails and eZine. They are completely customizable for your own use, SPAM safe, and trust me when I say that the template I use for my eZine is used by the best in the business. You can’t go wrong by simply copying what I do to make it work for your business! This offer good through February 28, 2010 at noon PDT.

Thesis is my blog theme. While the basic WP theme was easy to load, I really wanted some more customized options. So pretty and white and easy on the eyes, yes? I think so. Thesis was designed by Copyblogger Chris Pearson and is one of the fastest-growing paid WordPress themes out there right now. Once you buy, you get upgrades for life. I own the Thesis Theme and the Thesis Developer’s Option (highly recommended) and I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

Also, starting Monday, if you use my Thesis affiliate link and purchase the Thesis Theme and Thesis Developer’s Option, I’ll do a basic install of Thesis 1.6 for you and customize it by adding an RSS link and email RSS link in the sidebar. That’s a great first step for anyone’s blog. This offer good through February 28, 2010 at noon PDT.

Well, what are you waiting for?


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