Moonlighting Entrepreneur: This Is How We Do It

by Trish

Monday: 7:12 am
I’m up, bleary-eyed from staying up until 3 am reading a book, but I’m up. Brush my teeth, put on gym clothes, stumble downstairs to office and turn on lights and email. Review emails, read Internet news, respond to the first of the emails. Surf Facebook.

7:47 am
Turn on BMJ computer, check email, look at my task list, respond to emails.

8 am
Conference call from London begins, goes for around 20 minutes on a good day, about 40 minutes on a really good day. Ha. Can’t hear the jokes, but can hear the laughter.

9 am
London signs off and I begin my work. Crank the music, edit away, CMS freezes and I have to start over, or CMS does well and I am feeling good.

11:45 am
Save work, check emails from U.S. one more time, reply if necessary, surf Facebook. Go to the gym.

1 pm
Back from gym and after lunch and the last ten minutes of a previously started Law & Order, I’m back to work. Recheck U.S. email, respond, answer phone and tell hubby that yes, I’ll watch for UPS. Log back into CMS. Completely forget about UPS.

3 pm
Phone call from client; I ask if I can call them back. Another phone call from client. Then another. They know I’m almost available. I give up and deal with them. Save my work, answer emails, pitch a few blog ideas, send some invoices.

4 pm
Back to the CMS to finish for the day.

5 pm
Log out, and go find an apple to munch on. Put rice on in the rice cooker.

6 to midnight
An assortment of tasks: reading, writing, emails, blogging, book proposals
mixed in with DVR shows, dishes, chats with hubby, phone calls from friends and family, and laundry.

Isn’t not pretty, but it works. Moonlighting fits itself into the spare moments; it has to. And you succeed at moonlighting because you’re willing to fit it into those extra moments. Rather than watching prime-time television, you watch it at your convenience (often during dishes or meals or in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep). Moonlighting will take a bite out of your social life too; ready? It’s not glamorous at all. Moonlighting is hard work.

But the benefit (for me) outweighs all the hardship. I love it!

So, this week, is there space to fit more in? If not, what can you cut?


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