Moonlighting Entrepreneur: Marketing Again

by Trish

I’m back. I’m not a Moonlighting Entrepreneur anymore. I’m a full-time entrepreneur (woohoo!), but I figured there’s still some principles I am learning that apply to those of you who are just part-time and moonlighting. (Yes, I’m still learning!)

It’s the day in, day out act of marketing. What is marketing anyway? It’s telling people what you do, over and over and over and over.

If you don’t market much, yikes! You are lucky. But even if you’re getting referrals for work, that’s marketing.

And what happens when your referrals dry up? What do you do then? If you engage in day in, day out marketing, you won’t ever have that problem!

What do I mean?

Four stage of marketing are:

  1. Filling the pipeline
  2. Follow up
  3. Presentations of Products and Services
  4. Closing the Sale

First of all, you’ve got to pick the stage you’re in. I would start with #1. Once you actually find some names to market to, then you’re into #2. If you’ve got all that covered, you’re in #3. And if you’re one of the lucky ones to have names, follow up opps, and presentations, you’re in #4. Clear as mud?

Hold on.

What I mean by day in, day out marketing is that you find out where you are in marketing and then you do the same things over and over and over. If you’re gathering and contacting prospects, you do that over and over. If you’re following up with people you’ve contacted before, you do that over and over. And so on.

The thing that gets people confused is that at some point in your freelance venture you’ll be doing all four at once. That’s fine. That’s normal business behavior. You spend a day sending out 20 emails to prospects, then you call up or email four others from the previous week that have not yet responded to your email, and then you present a solution to a prospect, and then you will probably close the deal.

The problem is that people (especially moonlighting entrepreneurs) get caught up in these events and forget to return to the daily marketing. And I know the feeling. Sometimes I get so much going on in my biz that I can barely answer all my email, nevermind send out 20 more emails each day. But if I can, I will NEVER run out of prospects. I will never be feeling desperate.

True, it depends on your industry, your response rate, the economy. But seriously, why wouldn’t you do that one thing YOU CAN do each day? Why would you wait until you’re out of work and then sit around and feel terrible because you don’t think you’ll ever make another penny again from your business.

The marketing day in, day out approach is not just for our business! It’s for our sanity! Trust me. You’ll feel so much better about everything when you are doing this small step to ensure your business always has enough prospects and projects.

It works.


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