Moonlighting Entrepreneur: Letting Go

by Trish

I’m back from a wonderful jaunt through nine countries in Europe and it’s now June and I have a lot of do and I’m not sure exactly where to start.

I learned a lot while I was gone, what things I missed from my “real” life and what things I didn’t. I didn’t miss the blog deadlines, but I missed blogging. Go figure.

I decided that I wanted to only do what I wanted to do, what made my business authentic when I came home. So that’s what I’ve decided to harp about in this Moonlighting Entrepreneur post. I know only too well how difficult it is for moonlighting entrepreneurs to choose between the myriad of tasks on their daily to-do lists. Some days you just go and go and go and the list only seems to grow more.

1. What’s on the list that you really aren’t interested in right now? Drop it. Come back to it in six months.

2. What’s on the list that you can’t wait to do? Do that first! Hello! Use that natural enthusiasm!

So there’s my advice. I’m taking it to heart.

Today, for instance, I’m blogging fun stuff. I’m leaving the tough stuff for tomorrow when I’ll decide if I want to do it or not. I’m working on one or two other projects that I’m so excited about I can’t even begin to say.

So there you go. An easy-peasy way to choose what to do next (if you’re deciding).

Good luck!


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Jonã Machado June 3, 2009 at 10:42 am

Trish is finally back!

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