Love it Or Leave It: The Art of Presentations

by Trish

Along comes a book by renowned Duarte Design owner, Nancy Duarte, who has put together some of the most important slide presentations in recent business history, which explains the reasoning behind great presentations. Slide:ology is one of those books that you just have to check out from the library (at least I do).

I am fascinated by the process of communication in business, be it social media, corporate communications, or marketing, and this book really nails the principles of presentations for me. I did wish it was less about her exploits and more about how I can make it work for me. Some of the Amazon reviwers were’t impressed and recommended Robin Williams’s Non-Designer’s Design Book, which I do agree with. Robin Williams understands design implicitly. I do wish this book had more of Williams’s helpful commentary and how-to.

Another book I got from the library was Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. Highly recommended by Michael Hyatt and others who have jobs making presentations, I was interested to hear that Garr’s blog on presentation was more helpful than the book itself (thus why I’m checking out from the library first). However, I do think Garr’s ideas are very good. I will now be checking out his blog more often (saved it next to Seth Godin’s on my bookmarks tab).

The thing about business books is that they are more fat than lean meat. There is a lot of fluff out there. One of the things I hope this feature every Friday on this blog will do for my readers is save them some money by finding only the best business books. If I buy it, you can feel safe to buy it.

Have a nice weekend all.


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