Love It or Leave It: Get Clients Now

by Trish

Small business marketing coach C. J. Hayden has written this book for folks who need to plan marketing funnels (a continual stream of client prospects).

Get Clients Now! is easy to implement. I hand it to clients who are just figuring out their marketing for their business. It’s too much at once to attempt to write a monthly eZine, get a blog, write ebooks or white papers, so for now, I just ask them to do the things in here.

First, they figure out where they are in the funnel. Do they need prospects? Do they need to contact clients? Do they need to close on bids? The client can pick where they are in the marketing process and focus on that. It’s an instant way to get up and running with marketing. I’ve used is successfully for almost fifteen years. I’ve now moved on to Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid, but Get Clients Now is a great choice when you’re just starting out.


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