Love It Or Leave It: Corporate Communications Books

by Trish

Books on corporate communications number in the hundreds (perhaps even the thousands), so if you’re a corporate communicator, where do you even start?

I’ve hand-picked three great books that have earned the Love It rating (at least I think):

Mary Munter’s Guide to Managerial Communication
is really, really good. A book that will help anyone who struggles to make themselves clear in a business environment, this one is FULL of great ideas. Don’t just check this one out, run to the nearest bookstore or even Amazon and buy this one.

Love It!

Corporate Communication by Paul Argenti. (A minor disclaimer, I was the proofreader for this book in 2007.) That’s how I know about it. Fabulous book and so interesting. I think this was the first time I figured out how companies could control their brand inside and outside of their business. If my disclaimer doesn’t bother you, get this one!

Love It!

The Power of the Tale: Using Narratives for Organizational Success by Julie Allan
is one that I don’t own (yeah, I got this from the library because of the price; so follow my lead and just check this one out; I plan to purchase it at some point this year for my Kindle), however, it’s worth noting because of the very interesting theory it espouses. That storytelling in organizations is vital to the survival and health of the organization. I agree.

Love It!


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Stephanie November 23, 2015 at 1:12 am

Brooke – I’m so glad you’re joining the fun! It is a big book, but it’s rlaley funny so far. I love that our readalong lined up so perfectly with your reading plans! Trish – Me too. I’m going to pick up a hard copy so I can read both. JoAnn – I am too. Thackeray is rlaley witty!

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