Just Get the First Draft Down

by Trish


I think a lot of business professionals would love to write smoothly. I mean, we all write, a LOT. We live in a text- and email-based world. We write notes and reports and we frequently get blocked. I think the hatred for writing is actually a hatred for being blocked as a writer.

How many times have you sat down to your computer or to a notepad to attempt to write something and that blank page or even the scribbled notes seems to rise up and rebel against you?

For me, often. And now, we’re feeling blocked in our writing in so many places: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, that everywhere we turn, we feel like failures at this writing thing.

I hear that. I recognize that. I know that feeling.

But Anne Lamott said it best. Just get the first shitty first draft down. Just get it down. Push through your blank page nightmares, and even those scribbled notes fears (that you won’t ever be able to do anything with those notes) and just get the glob of thought onto the page.

It’s the necessary step. The urge to just hit send or to post as is or the urge to edit it until it’s unrecognizable from the original thought you wanted to share will bury you in fear, worry that you’ll fail (or that you’ll succeed and then fail when you have far to fall), and more, but the first step is to get the first draft down. Write a really bad email, a really bad Twitter update. Write a terrible report summary or a ridiculously unstable sounding set of notes for your boss.

That’s all you have to do to get started.


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