How to Blog Better: Think Good Enough

by Trish


I’m going to upset the purists out there, but I really don’t believe blogging requires a lot of work or forethought. I don’t tend to think a lot before I blog, but I do read piles of books and it filters into my brain and I formulate my blog posts by agreeing or disagreeing with what I read. Several clients have had issues lately thinking too much about what they are blogging and I wanted to throw up a few quick tips on how to blog better.

1. Just blog. Don’t worry if someone can poke holes in your theories or will make fun of your ideas. It’s your blog, it’s not a glossy magazine (remember, most of those glossies are now bankrupt, so it didn’t work for them either).

2. Not perfect, good enough. Just make sure you’ve got your basic facts right, that you don’t make spelling mistakes (like I do on occasion), and you’re good to go! Remember, the biggest blogs started as a way of recording life happenings. Don’t overthink it.

3. You are not going to save the world with your blog. You’ll start a conversation though. And that’s the point.

4. If you’re too controlled, you’ll never let your clients see the real you. That’s what they’re reading the blog for. They want to know stuff that you may not be comfortable letting out in the open. Just let it go. But remember, it stays on the Internet for infinity and beyond. So no naked pics, please.

5. Whatever you have the toughest time talking about may be the one thing that folks want to read about. This is not tabloid material, this is being authentic. I started talking about my religious fundamentalist upbringing on my other blog and everyone is glued to it. I beat around the bush for two years though. I didn’t want to talk about it. Another friend is talking about how she has tried to stay off medication for her lifelong depression. She has avoided this since she started writing professionally, but you know what, it’s real. As soon as we both started to talk about the real stuff, our blogs took off and we were part of a conversation. For a business blog, those examples may not quite fit, but just think about it for a minute. And then see how it can apply to your business blogging.

So, don’t fret if your blogging takes all day long or you agonize over everything, just slowly start letting go of the control as you blog. Before you know it, you’ll be flying and blogging will be just like typing an email to your friends. That’s how it is for me.


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Krista December 2, 2009 at 11:06 am

Oh girl, I needed this today. 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

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