How To Avoid Blog Burnout

by Trish

Every blogger I know at one time did not realize how much work a blog requires. It’s like raising an electronic pet. You get tired or distracted or even too busy and suddenly you realize you haven’t updated your blog in weeks and you don’t even know what to say anymore. What hasn’t been said already?

Never fear. It’s called burnout. Everyone gets it, everyone is afraid of it (thus claiming they DON’T get it), and everyone can overcome it.

1. Cut out the chaff. Are you trying to do too much with your blog? Must you write lengthy posts every time? Must you be pithy and humorous and wise beyond your years all the time? Is that really you anyway? I’m not pithy every freaking second of my life, so why would we represent ourselves that way? It’s not real. Cut it out.

2. Get your priorities right. Could you have someone else write the blog for you? Must you write it by yourself? There are fabulous blog experts out there that can take the load off your shoulders, just type into Google “blog expert” and you can find them. Or email me. I write blogs for hire.

3. Unplug. Bloggers cannot get fresh ideas or innovations by always reading someone else’s innovations. Get offline, read poetry, read books in your niche, talk to people (clients! clients! clients!) for the ideas you desperately need.

4. Grow up. Realize that what worked for your blog last year may not work this year. A blog is not a static marketing machine. It has to change with your business and with your goals. What do YOU need to do to shake things up? Overhaul? Redesign? Outsource content or design? New focus? New theme? Do it. Do it now.

5. Relax. Yeah, oxymoron alert. But seriously, relax. The blog is not supposed to be stressful. It’s more organic than that. It’s intuitive, so let it shape and form and then if you need to nip it here and there, do so. Relax. You’re doing fine.


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