Book Review: The Think Big Manifesto

by Trish

Belatedly, I’m going to wax poetic over Michael Port’s latest book, The Think Big Manifesto: Think You Can’t Change Your Life (And the World)? Think Again. I was privileged to read this earlier this spring and then my summer unprivileged me by a hectic day job, and lots of summer stuff.

Anyway, I am back (it is September after all) and back with a flurry of post ideas, blog expansion plans, and yes, the long-anticipated ebooks that I promised like months ago. Argh. Nothing like a reread of Michael’s book to get me back on track. Get ready, get set, here I come!

Michael Port’s latest book is one of those books you’ll want to read if you need to think BIG about your life, your business, your goals, your faith. Seriously, if you need a book to prop up your plans, this is the book. No one calling anyone out in these pages. It’s all about moving forward, moving upward, and not letting the fear of failure hold you back.

Port is an excellent writer and teacher. I’ve read everything he’s written, and taken several of his free and tuition classes. Every time I learn something. He’s gifted with helping those of us learning marketing inside out to do it better, easier, healthier, and with authenticity (my big button word).

Port goes after small thinking with a passion in this well-written treatise. I was motivated to not let my brain take over my thought life (really, doesn’t our mind have a life of its own so often?) and I was challenged “What if  . . .”

Now, for those of you thinking that “I’ll never be as good as . . .” this is the book you need. Port tackles that thought process head on. No more can you sit in a pothole thinking you’ll never be as good as the other guy. Hogwash! (I’m telling myself that, mind you.) It’s just not true. You don’t know anything until you try. And trying is the battle, it is the war of art, it is the biggest obstacle you face. Finding your market, learning about your customers, selling to those customers, none of this is the hard part. It’s just starting.

Thus, I would press Port’s latest book into the hands of every entrepreneur I know. And I’m not one who pushes books lightly. I try to weed through the good and the bad and I get way too pumped up about books that I feel are truly worth the time and money. This is one of those books.

Get it, read it, stretch your mind, reach for the highest star. Now, go!


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