BlogSuccess: Why Do You Blog For Your Business?

by Trish


So, what’s the point?

Is it to influence your market to:

  • buy something?
  • request a sales contact?
  • request more information?
  • download an informational white paper?
  • download product specs?


Is it for you to:

  • create awareness of a new product?
  • renew awareness of an existing product?
  • identify new prospect?
  • inform existing customers of an upgrade?
  • create or alter a brand image?
  • counteract negative publicity?
  • deposition a competitor?
  • generate advertising revenue?
  • raise awareness with investors?
  • raise awareness with the media?

Each of these reasons to blog as a business requires a slightly different content strategy. Your blog is a very effective way to build a platform for your brand or product, however, it may not work very well as a sales page. It depends on your market and your niche.

So, where do you start to figure out how to do it?

1. Pick the reason(s) above that fit your overall marketing strategy in social media.
Pick two at the most (sometimes the reasons above can be handled with one approach; raising awareness with investors and the media, for instance).

2. Begin to think of yourself as a publisher. No matter if you’re selling toilet plungers, the purpose of social media is to support those toilet plunger sales with information that makes your clients trust YOU as the go-to person in the world for the best information about toilet plungers. Even if you only sell products, you have to be the expert. So, begin looking at your blog as a publishing venture. What sort of things should you be writing and publishing that support your efforts in the toilet plunging niche?

3. Interact, but don’t hard sell. Blogs are not the place to try and get folks to buy (unless that’s your number one reason for the blog; as we talked about before, in many markets, blogs are not the place to hard sell; they are the place to talk to your market). Be interesting and don’t try to squeeze your info into a commercial or a advertising page. Go long if you have to. Build a following, a tribe, without selling one thing.

This is Thanksgiving week, so our social media strategies will be power-packed! What are some things you as a business owner are interested in about social media? How to harness that blog? How to begin? I’m on Twitter or you can leave a comment. Ask away! I’ll do my best to answer.


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NorWronedyeds November 25, 2009 at 12:05 pm

Fantastic story, did not thought it was going to be so cool when I klicked at the title with link.

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