BlogSuccess: The Hamster Wheel of Fresh Content

by Trish

Ever feel like all your blog gives you is more stuff to do? Fresh updated content on a weekly or daily basis (or sometimes multiple times a day) is wearing you down and really throwing a wrench into your schedule, right?

I’ve got a few tips to help you survive and contain the writing of posts. Read on.

1. Batch write for the week or month. Take a couple hours one day a week to write just blog posts. You can write them and preview them, but then don’t publish, just schedule them in advance. This works brilliantly for me when I’m headed out for a few days. I also know what I’m going to write for a couple of weeks in advance. I have topic lists and ideas in a file that I keep near me when I write. I also pull down several photos from the web in prep for these posts.

2. Think about using guest bloggers every so often. I’m looking into guest bloggers for my blogs (leave a comment or email me if you’re interested in being a guest blogger). This gives a variety of writing and topics and might give you the rest you’re looking for. Burnout it a real issue, so care for yourself if you feel early signs coming on.

3. You can do a series of posts. More than three in a series and folks will lose interest. I do know one blogger who does twelve and seventeen-part series posts and I keep reading because she’s a darn good writer! But most bloggers should stick to a small number of series posts. But that way, you can spread out your message over 1200 words rather than three 400-word posts. It helps to write longer every once in a while. Writing short is hard work. Can I hear an amen?

4. Another blogger friend of mine does a Q&A post each week,
which helps her come up with content that’s specifically focused to her readership. I am frequently bored with Q&A, but it’s a great idea for stretching content out on a slow week. You can set out a series of topics you want to talk about even and have readers comment with their questions. I’m just saying, others use this a lot.

5. You can interview someone else of interest. This is the format I appreciate. I love reading interviews of experts/authors on other blogs. I love to know what makes them tick. It’s all in the questions asked of them. I am not a fan of Q&A, but when done right, it actually is fascinating. Even I can’t stop reading! So, who can you interview on your blog? Who would your readership flock to learn more about? This is something I’m working on for 2009. It’s fun to meet authors and experts on Twitter or Facebook and to figure out what they could offer my readers. I may become a huge fan of Q&A before the year’s over. Hey, I’m fickle!

Do these ideas help jumpstart your writing karma? It should. They can help even the most worn-out blogger restart her writing and spice up his blog. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Have a great Monday!


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