BlogSuccess: How to Gain the Influencers’ Attention

by Trish

So you’ve got a blog. So what? Doesn’t mean a thing until you get someone looking. Who do you want to look at your blog anyway? We talked about some purpose of a blog for your business in this post.

Did you check it out?

Okay, now read on.

You want people to read your blog that will get other people to read your blog. Influencers.

Who are the influencers in your industry? How do you begin to interact with those influencers?

A few ideas:

1. Don’t just hit a lot of people hoping you’ll get influencers because of the numbers. A blanket press release isn’t the answer anymore. Even if you sent out 10,000 releases, the odds are that you’ll miss the influencers. There are easier ways than this.

2. Know your influencers. Find a few experts in your niche. Now go research them on Google. They’ve probably got LinkedIn and Facebook. More than likely they’re on Twitter. These influencers are savvy. They’ll know if you DON’T KNOW THEM.

3. Have something of value to give. This doesn’t have to be a new plasma television, but it should be something from all that research about the influencers that you’ve figured out YOU can give that they will value. In the software world, it’s computers and cool gadgets. In the services industry, you’ll have to be on top of your game. What do you know that these influencers would like to know? That’s a good start.

Anyway, in the new social media world, finding your influencers is VITAL. You can’t just go play online without thinking about this. So go think! Do it. Do it now.


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