Are You a Hobbyist?

by Trish

(via KevinHeyne)

Or are you a professional writer?

Either way, start a list.

I don’t care which you are, just get the list started.


I confess I talk to readers of this blog like they are as serious as I am about author and book promotion.


Because if I know how well promotion using social media and positioning works, why wouldn’t I tell you that?

I’m not playing games with you here.

Businesses sell any matter of products (including books) using social media. In fact, more and more, businesses have gone the way of social media to sell increased amounts of their products.

I don’t want authors to be left out in the cold.

Why social media? And why is this content marketing (or unmarketing) so darn important?

1. Because it works. It’s been proved over and over and over and over . . . . ad infinitum. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool. How authors should use it in 2011 and may use it in 2012 is still up for argument, but if a ton of novelists and nonfiction authors (names you recognize, including Elmore Leonard, Jane Yolen, Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin) are using it, why shouldn’t you? Just start. You’ll be prepared to go with the flow whenever the game changes. Avoiding it is foolishness.

2. Because the Internet is where the book industry already is. The experts and the publishers may be arguing with this, but let’s face it. Random House laid off staff yesterday, Borders is going down, B&N is a bit more shaky than usual. Ebook sales are flying! If you’re online, you’re better off than other authors who refuse to go online. (And I take it that you ARE online, because you’re here.)

3. Writing organizations who are telling you not to worry about social media are doing you no favors. In fact, I think there are a few organizations out there who would PREFER you stay a hobbyist and write articles in your local paper fo 25 bucks. They make money off of you by doing this! You’ll keep subscribing to their monthly print magazine and keep buying their online workshops!

Think about what advice you receive on a daily basis from people in the industry. Who to believe? You need to trust your gut. This may mean you don’t listen to me anymore. I am okay with that. I want you to be successful.

But a word to the wise: sometimes new things are scary and sometimes everyone rushes with the trends and that’s overwhelming. I may be pushy (hey, it’s my blog!), but I know what I know. You can trust me or you don’t trust me. It’s up to you! I aim to get you to trust me. (Why else do you think I write about this stuff?)

Follow your gut. Be smart. Use your brain.

Start a list. (All right! All right! I’m totally breaking the rules here.) Seriously, start a list.

Even if you do nothing else in 2011 with social media, start a list!


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Simon February 23, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Super encouragement. And solid advice too.

I have a friend who is a serious fiction author. He got nowhere in the hard copy publishing world (and he is not just some rubbish, give-it-a-half-hearted-go type author – he is quality). So he released 2 of his books on the Kindle and got 10 sales in 4 weeks.

So by applying your logic and advice here a bit of prodding through social media and I think he could really explode his sales.

In the last week I have been busying myself with Social media to try and persuade people to visit my blog. Yep it worked. Funny that – I see a theme developing here.

As I am about to finish my first book (non-fiction) guess how I will be approaching the marketing?

Thanks for this post, much enjoyed and agreed with.

Trish February 23, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Good for you, Simon!

I LOVE hearing stories about your novelist friend. GO! Go! GO!

Seriously, your comment just made my day. If he needs any advice or help, I’m here.

Keep me posted on you do! I love hearing success stories!



Simon March 5, 2011 at 11:56 am

Hi again Trish

Aw am glad my comment was so well received 🙂

Am signed up for your blog so will be following what you say – will let you know how things develop.

Hope you are having a great weekend

All the best


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