Twitter Tuesday: Pimp My Twitter Part 1

by Trish on December 16, 2008

That’s right. It’s time. It is a web page after all, searchable, and it shows up in search engines. All that opportunity waiting to be put to use.

1. Create a Twitter background using Powerpoint. Go here for step-by-step instructions. And if you need some inspiration, check out these 42 Twitter backgrounds of other Twitter users. Fun, yes? I’ll be doing this in the next few weeks for sure. Coolio.

2. Add a Twitter feed to your blog. I use Twitter Tools for WordPress to add my Tweets to my blog. There are other great programs out there as well. Just do a Google search for “Twitter feed for a blog” and go to town.

3. Return the favor; follow your followers. It’s really nice for folks to follow along with your Tweets, but it really shows you are interested in giving rather than just taking if you turn around and follow them as well. Twitter Karma was developed for just this task. You log in and this service shows you all your followers and if you only follow them or if they only follow you. I am addicted to this, because it makes “bulk follow” a piece of cake.

4. Don’t broadcast to an empty Twitter feed. If you’re broadcasting your Tweets and most of the people you follow on Twitter don’t follow you, um, what is the point? Why not unfollow from those folks who don’t intend to follow you and find other people who will follow you? (Psst: Use Twitter Karma for this as well.)

5. Provide quality links and content. It’s all in your attitude. If you KNOW you have information to help others, do it! Don’t be stingy and don’t sell, sell, sell. Have some fun, respond to people’s Tweets, and become a valuable part of the Twitter community.

Stay tuned for Pimp My Twitter Part 2 next week.


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Kathleen Gresham December 16, 2008 at 12:17 pm

Thanks for this great (blessedly concise) Twitter resource. I’ve been meaning to do something about this stuff. Now I have *no* excuse not to. I do use Twitter Tools, though, and I love them!

BTW, I love the design of your blog. Clean and serene. Great content, too. I will be back!

Thanks again.

realbrilliant December 16, 2008 at 2:48 pm

Thanks for your comment, Kathleen. I like concise too. Thus, my blog is spare. But in days to come thanks to my blog post from yesterday, I plan to add some more schtuff!

Hope to see you often!

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